Respect and Trust

Commonly Asked Questions Answered by a Custom Home Client:

Would you use them again? Yes I would use them again and probably actually will.  It’s a long and stressful process but we feel very lucky that we used Porchfront.  I’ve heard nightmares about builders and we didn’t experience any of this.  I think their biggest strength is they are all very good and trustworthy people – Tim and Mary the owners as well as all of their employees. 

When did you work with them? We worked with them through the design, asbestos removal, demo and build of our house which took almost 2 years (construction was about 11 months).  We moved into our home in May of 2020.

Were they timely? (in communication and in completion of your home) Very. We didn’t rush them at the end as we wanted a complete house on move in.  They said 10-12 months and it was finished in 11.   

Did you receive invoices that were higher than expected? Typically no.  However we did from time to time and they were from changes that we made to the original quotes.  We changed a lot of things from our original quoting process.  Porchfront has an online tool to manage change orders, you will sign-off on them before the work proceeds.  Stay on top of this process.  Also, review your monthly draw statements, they were typically just as expected, but mistakes can be made as many people are involved, so look at them in detail.  Again, what made me so comfortable with Porchfront is that I completely trusted them after working with them for over a year.   

Who was your main contact? Working relationship with office personnel? I worked with Jeff who obtained the estimates/quotes before construction began: very responsive, honest and a really nice guy.  I worked with Mary frequently as one of the owners and office personnel as well as helping us with design.  She is so nice and patient and a always a pleasure to deal with.  Brett was my day to day contact since day 1 of construction and still to this day with any warranty issues that pop up.  Brett ‘IS’ Porchfront and as VP and the GC on my project was the face of the company with almost every aspect.  Brett has all of qualities of a great GC.  He is very pleasant to talk to, but very direct and no-nonsense.  He is also very patient with customers while at the same time keeping things on track for on-time completion.  The subs like and respect Brett, but partially out of fear, he doesn’t put up subs that door poor work, don’t show up or argue.  He runs a very tight ship.  He is also excellent with communication.  I found email was best for everyone as he could provide detail and reply in the afternoon after he left the job site.  

Any comments would be appreciated. We interviewed multiple builders and made what we hoped was the best decision considering many different attributes.  In the end we feel very lucky to have partnered with Porchfront on such a big project.  It’s a long and stressful process and you really need someone that you like, respect and trust. 

                                                                Patrick- Coronado Court

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