Location Map

1402 Greening Ave.
Lot SF: 10,489
Price: $625,000
Status: Sold!
1322 Greening Ave.
Lot SF: 7,288
Price: $665,000
Status: Porchfront Built/Sold
1352 Allen Ave.
Lot SF: 18,120
Price: $945,000
Status: Sold
Main House Total SF: 4,132 Beds/Baths: 4/4
Carriage House SF: 533
Garage SF: 753 + 2-car carport Photos: https://8030realty.com/property/1352-allen/
1403 Allen Ave.
Price: $699,000
SF: 3,471
Beds/Baths/Office: 5/4/1
Est. Completion: Move-in Ready!
1417 Allen Ave.
Price: $715,000
SF: 4,118
Beds/Baths/Office: 4/4/1
Est. Completion: Move-in Ready!
1431 Allen Ave.
Price: $695,000
SF: 3,693
Beds/Baths/Office: 3/4/1
Status: Porchfront Built/Sold
1443 Allen Ave.
Price: $708,0820
SF: 3,714
Beds/Baths/Office: 3/3/1
Status: Porchfront Built/Sold
1471 Allen Ave.
Lot SF: 8,709
Price: $665,000
Status: Porchfront Built/Sold
1458 Greening Ave.
Lot SF: 9,619
Price: $715,281
Status: Sold
Total SF: 3,515
Finished SF: 2,572
Bedrooms/Baths: : 4/4+office with 4-car tandem garage
1444 Greening Ave.
Lot SF: 9,445
Price: $650,000.
Status: Porchfront Built/Sold
Total SF: 3,533
Finished SF: 2,450
Bedrooms/Baths: : 4/4+office with 4-car garage
1430 Greening Ave.
Lot SF: 9,481
Status: Porchfront Built/Sold
Price: $623,500
Total SF: 3,481
Finished SF: 2,565
Bedrooms/Baths: : 4/4
1456 Davis Ct.
Lot SF: 13,089
Price: $1,043,670 included Carriage Home Finish Option
Status: Sold
Est. Completion: Completed
Total SF: 4,573 Beds/Baths: 4/4 Gar. SF: 813 w/Carriage House Option
1462 Davis Ct.
Lot SF: 16,327
Price: $962,000
Status: Sold
1471 Davis Ct.
Lot SF: 11,521
Price: $850,000
Status: Sold
Est. Completion: Completed
Total SF: 4,537 Beds/Baths: 4/4 Gar: 3-car
1467 Greening Ave.
Lot SF: 15,838
Price: Preliminary pricing from $1,295,000 with carriage home
Status: Pending
1456 Flowers Ct.
Lot SF: 10,421
Price: $885,000
Status: Sale Pending
Est. Completion: May 2020
Total SF: 4,462 Beds/Baths: 4/4 Gar: 2-car
1474 Flowers Ct.
Lot SF: 10,489
Price: $885,000
Status: Sale Pending
Est. Completion: 7-8 months from construction start
Total SF: 4,770 Beds/Baths: 4/4 Gar: 2-car
1469 Flowers Ct.
Lot SF: 18,028
Price: $902,000
Status: Sale Pending
1455 Flowers Ct.
Lot SF: 11,593
Price: $1,250,000 including carriage home finish above garage
Status: Under Construction
1449 Flowers Ct.
Lot SF: 10,564
Price: $785,000
Status: Under Contract Accepting Back-up Offers: Move-In Ready
Est. Completion: January 2020
Total SF: 3,844 Beds/Baths: 3/3 Gar. SF: 715
1413 Greening Ave.
Lot SF: 15,995
Price: $900,000
Status: Porchfront Built/Sold
1399 Greening Ave.
Lot SF: 15,995
Status: Sold $711,532 Dec 2014
Contract Date: Aug 2013
Above Grade SF: 3,473 + 464 SF carriage house
1399 Greening Ave.
Lot SF: 15,995
Status: Sold $711,532 Dec 2014
Above Grade SF: 3,473
1388 Greening Ave.
Status: Sold $674,670 Nov 2015
1388 Greening Ave.
Status: Sold $674,670 Nov 2015
1416 Greening Ave.
Lot SF: 15,995
Status: Sold $486,400 Dec 2015
(above grade SF 2,000)
1416 Greening Ave.
Lot SF: 15,995
Status: Sold $486,400 Dec 2015
(above grade SF 2,000)
1475 Flowers Ct.
Price: $ Status: Sold
1475 Flowers Ct.
Price: $ Status: Sold
  • Available: Move-In Ready
  • Available: Under Construction
  • Available: Permit Ready
  • Available: Plans In Review
  • Available for Custom Home
  • Pending
  • *Sold
  • Porchfront Built/Sold
  • Carriage House

*Sold properties may also include vacant lots that are privately owned.

Pricing & Floorplans

Address **Price **Lot
*Status Estimated Completion Total
Fin. SF Bsmt.
Beds /
LOT SF Carriage
Floor_Plan_1443_Allen_ Ave 1443 Allen Ave. $708,082 Sold in 2017 December 3,714 2,524 1,190 3/3 528 8,978
Floor_Plan_1431_Allen_ Ave 1431 Allen Ave. $699,838 Sold in 2017 December 3,693 2,562 1,167 3/4 567 8,995
1403_Allen_Ave.Floor_Plans 1403 Allen Ave. $701,500 Sold in 2018 June Completed! 3,471 2,544 927 4/4 613 7,789
1417_Allen_Floor_Plan 1417 Allen Ave. $744,250 Sold in 2018 May 4,118 2,837 1,281 4/4 555 8,612
Floor_Plan_1471_Davis_Ct 1471 Davis Ct. $850,000 Available for late Jan. Move-in! Jan 2019 4,537 3,032 1,505 4/4 996 11,521
Floor_Plan_1352 Allen 1352 Allen Ave. $950,000 (including lot premium) $35,000 Available for Late Dec. Move-in! Dec 2018 4,665 3,412 1,253 4/4 743 18,120
Floor_Plan_1458_Greening Ave 1458 Greening Ave. $715,281 Sold in 2017 March Sold 3,515 2,572 943 4/4 615 9,169
  1413 Greening Ave. $907,887 $25,000 Sold in 2016 June Sold 15,995
Floor_Plan_1471_Allen_Ave 1471 Allen Ave. $665,000 Sold in 2017 April Sold 3,533 2,450 1,083 4/4 777 8,709
Floor_Plan 1332 Greening Ave. $665,000 Sold in 2017 April Sold 3,658 2,674 984 3/3 610 7,288
Floor_Plans_1444_Greening_Ave 1444 Greening Ave. $666,440 Sold in 2016 October Sold 4,271 2,784 1,487 4/4 637 9,445
Floor_Plans_1430_Greening_Ave 1430 Greening Ave. $623,500 Sold in 2016 July Sold 3,418 2,565 853 4/4 590 9,481
pdf 1402 Greening Ave. $625,000 Sold in 2016 May Sold 3,910 2,530 1,380 3/3 505 9,382
  1469 Flowers Ct. TBD $30,000 Sale Pending 12 Months 18,028
 1456_Davis_Floor_Plan 1456 Davis Ct. TBD $30,000 Available for Custom Home 12 Months 13,089
  1462 Davis Ct. TBD $35,000 Sale Pending 12 Months 16,327
  1474 Flowers Ct. TBD $10,000 Available for Custom Home 12 Months 10,489
 1456_Flowers_Floor_Plan 1456 Flowers Ct. TBD Available for Custom Home 12 Months 10,421
  1467 Greening Ave. TBD $40,000 Available for Custom Home 12 Months 15,838
  1268 C.W. Bixler Blvd. TBD Available for Custom Home 12 Months 20,866
 1449_Flowers_Floor_Plan 1449 Flowers Ct. TBD Available for Custom Home 12 Months 10,564
  1455 Flowers Ct. TBD $25,000 Available for Custom Home 12 Months 11,593
  1054 White Lane TBD Available for Custom Home 12 Months 7,702
  1042 White Lane TBD Available for Custom Home 12 Months 7,615

*Completion dates are estimates only & subject to change. **Prices & Lot Premiums subject to change.

Available - Time to Pick Finishes!

1455 Flowers Ct.

  • Price: $1,250,000 including carriage home finish above garage
  • Floor Plan
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Estimated Completion Date: September/October 2021
  • Total SF: 5,523 (4,859 Main Home | 664 Carriage Home above Garage)
  • Finished SF: 3,131 (excludes Carriage Home finish above garage)
  • Unfinished SF: 1,183 basement + 664 Carriage Home finish space
  • Lot SF:  11,593
  • Bedrooms: 3-4 (3 on upper level & optional 4 th bedroom or lease as loft)  plus rough-in for future basement bath
  • Office: main floor pocket office off kitchen & 2nd office or main floor bedroom Loft/Flex Space:  yes, or optional 4th upper level bedroom
  • Garage:  oversized 3-car garage
  • Carriage House Option: Yes, attached over garage with separate entrance
  • Highlights: Located on cul-de-sac with open floor plan, exceptionally large pantry, mudroom & pocket office, tons of flexible space to be used as bedrooms, offices. Great opportunity for multi-generational living with attached Carriage Home finish option above garage with separate entrance.  Could be used as an additional rec area, office space, teen area, etc.

Sale Pending

1467 Greening Ave.

  • Price: Preliminary pricing from $1,295,000 with carriage home
  • Floor Plan
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Estimated Completion Date: July/August 2021
  • Total SF: 5,143 (4,151 Main Home | 615 Carriage Home)
  • Finished SF: 2,968  Basement SF:  1,183 unfinished
  • Lot SF:  15,838
  • Bedrooms: 4 (3 on upper level & 1 on main level or office) Baths:  4 plus rough-in for future basement bath
  • Office: yes Loft/Flex Space:  yes, optional 3rd floor
  • Garage:  Main home with oversized 2-car garage of 673 SF | Carriage Home 1-car 302 SF
  • Carriage House Option: Yes!
  • Highlights: Exceptional corner lot with no homes behind, views and optional detached Carriage home. 3rd floor loft perfect flex space! Plus unfinished basement can be finished by Builder

Building Costs, Pricing & FAQ’s

Q: What is the price range?
A: Pricing on a home takes many factors into consideration including lot premiums,  level of exterior detailing, structural complexity, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, level of finishes, garage size, additional living units (i.e. carriage houses) and total square footage.  Cost per square feet varies based on factors above but a good ball park for calculations start at $300/square foot using just the above grade square footage.  For example a home that has 2,500 above-grade SF with an 1,100 SF unfinished basement, would be calculated just using the above-grade SF as follows: 2,500 X $300.  This ball park $/SF includes the unfinished basement, 2-car garage, and a $15,000 landscaping & fencing allowance using our Custom Standard Home Specs and a $10,000 allowance towards architectural design fees.
Q: What other costs are involved?
A: Our standard specs and finishes are exceptional and we believe far superior to our competitors standards.  However, each buyer may want to highlight different features of the home as follows:

  • Additional landscaping & fencing
  • Additional above grade square footage
  • Extended patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, pergolas
  • Basement Finish
  • Carriage Home Structure
  • Carriage Home Finish
  • Oversized & 3-4+ Car Garages, Carports
  • Lot Premiums may apply from $10,000-$40,000 (not all lots have premiums)
  • Upgrades to your finishes & fixtures
  • Clothes washer & dryer
  • Window coverings
Q: How much does it cost to finish the basement and what does the price include?
A: Approximate cost to finish basement is $80/SF which includes a full bathroom, bedroom and REC room finished at the same level as our Custom Standard Home Specs for secondary bedrooms and baths.
Q: Can I buy a lot now and build later?
A: No, homes must be constructed prior to closing on the Property.

Architecture, Design & Fees

Q: Is there an allowance for architectural fees if we want to design our own home?
A: Yes, there is an architectural allowance of $10,000 included in $/SF price. Any overage shall be paid as utilized.  Historically most buyers are able to stay within the $10,000 allowance but architectural fees really depend on the level of detail and design required and extent of changes.
Q: Who is the architect?
A: Anne Postle of Osmosis Architecture is our preferred architect. She is very familiar with the architectural guidelines.
Q: Can we bring our own architect?
A: It’s possible to use another architect however we encourage using our preferred award-winning architect, Osmosis Architecture, as they are very familiar with the architectural guidelines.
Q: What style homes can we build & what are the architectural restrictions?
A: Homes styles vary greatly and focus on architectural diversity via a scoring system for achieving a minimum set of points for architectural details with doors, windows, roofs, railings, columns, front porches, exterior patterns and decorative elements.

Standards Specs & Upgrades

Q: What are you standard finishes & inclusions?
A: See our list of Custom Standard Home Specs for details. Homes typically include stainless steel gas range/oven, dishwasher & microwave, custom cabinets, solid surface counters, wood floors, and designer tile & plumbing fixtures.
Q: Do you have a list of upgrade options?
A: Because each home and buyer are unique, each item will be priced on case-by-case basis.

Custom Home Building Timelines

Q: How long will it take to design & build a new custom home on a vacant lot?
A: Approximately 10-12 months as follows:

  • 1-2 months: Architectural design & ARC (HOA Architectural Review Committee) Review & Approval
  • 2 months: Permit (Permits have been taking about 4 weeks but that could change depending on incoming permits to City)
  • 8+/- months: Build-time
Q: What is the Building Process?
A: See a detailed description of our Building Process & Timeline for Custom Porchfront Homes in Erie Village

 Deposits & Lot Premiums

Q: What deposits are required and when?
A:  At contracting Buyer shall deliver an earnest money deposit that will be held until closing as part of the down payment. For spec homes it’s $15,000. For custom homes $35,000 ($20,000 at Contracting, $15,000 when Builder receives Permit).
Q: Where should earnest money be delivered?
A: Checks should be made payable to Porchfront Homes of Erie Village, LLC mailed to P.O. Box 294, Niwot, CO 80544-0294 or hand-delivered to102 2nd Ave., Niwot, CO 80544 in the amount of $25,000. In memo please write “E.M. for [enter house # & street] of Erie Village” (Wiring instruction available upon request).
Q: Which lots have premiums and how much are they?
A: Premiums can be found on the Map above and Pricing grid. Premiums range from $10,000-$40,000 based on size of lot, location backing to open space, corner lots, mountain views, ability to have a walk-out basement & lots deeded for carriage homes.

Square Footage & Size

Q: Is there a minimum requirement for square footage?
A: Generally, the Builder requires homes to be no less than 2,500 square feet above grade not including the basement.
Q: What is the maximum sized house we can build?
A: There is not a set maximum. Home sizes are only limited by setbacks from the property lines outlined in the HOA documents.
Q: How big is your typical spec home?
A: Homes start at about 2,500 square feet above grade finished and go up from there plus a full unfinished basement and 2-car garage.

HOA Fees

Q: How much are the HOA fees and what do they cover?
A: HOA fees are $157/quarter which cover your trash & recycling, maintenance and snow removal in the common areas & park, management & common area insurance.
Q: Who is HOA management company & contact?
A: MSI, Community Manager, Kate Maines (720) 974 4199 KMaines@Msihoa.com  Erie Village Community Website 


Q: What kind of warranty does the Builder provide?
A: The Builder provides a 1-year general warranty plus a 2-year “in-wall warranty” covering wiring, piping, and ductwork in the electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, ventilating and mechanical systems, roof & gutters and a 6-year structural warranty, covering major structural defects.  An extended 10-year Builder’s Warranty can be purchased in the $1,500 range depending the size of the home.


Q: What type of foundations are typically used?
A: Spread footings.

Fencing & Landscaping

Q: Are fencing & landscaping included in the price?
A: A landscaping and fencing allowance will be included.  Anything above and beyond the allowance can be added to the sales price. Neighbors may choose to split the cost of shared fencing.
Q: What are the fence height & style restrictions?
A: Front and side yards have a 3.5-foot maximum. Back yards & in between homes have a 6-foot maximum & minimum height of 4 feet. Street facing fences in side yards shall be a minimum of 25 feet back from the front of the house. Fence runs that border parks and open space must follow specific rules as outlines in the “Appendix E of the Development Plan” This includes fences facing drainage ditch areas which can be found in the HOA’s Design Guidelines.
Q: Why is Erie Village Different?
A: 1) Large lots 2) Located in desirable Boulder County  3) A custom-home community where no two home elevations are alike 4) High-end finishes & standard inclusions (5) Ability to select an existing custom home or design and build your dream home!

Is anything built yet?

Erie Village has close to 200 existing homes with less than 25 homes left.

Beds, Baths & Offices

Homes have a minimum of 3 bedrooms and 3 baths plus main floor offices, bedrooms and/or additional flex spaces per plan.

Standard Finishes

Wood floors, slab counters, high-end stainless steel appliances, custom cabinets, glass & stone mosaic backsplashes.

Lot Sizes

From 7,000 to over 20,000 SF.

Square Feet

Homes sizes start at 2,500 SF above grade finished plus full unfinished basements.

Can We Design our Own Home?

Yes! Porchfront homes and Osmosis Architecture is ready to design your home. Pick your lot, then get started on plans & finishes!

Custom Architecture

The unique architecture and style of Erie Village make it one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Boulder County.  Aware-winning Osmosis Architecture has teamed with Porchfront Homes to create the perfect home to fit your lifestyle.

Carriage Homes

Select homesites allow for carriage homes, a great option to provide flexible living situations.

Walk-Out Basements

Walk-out basements are available on select lots.

Outdoor Space

Generous outdoor spaces including upper balconies, covered patios & large yards per plan.


Enjoy the acclaimed St. Vrain School District at the Erie Elementary, Erie Middle & Erie High Schools.


Excellent access to Boulder, Denver, Longmont, Fort Collins & I-25.  Steps to parks and open space with miles and miles of trail corridor. Enjoy Erie’s award-winning 63,000 sq. ft. Community Center and 20,000 square foot Community Library.

Meet the Builder. Porchfront Homes has been building for 25 years. See their portfolio of homes.


Deanna Franco of eighty30realty

Preferred Lender: Offering $1,000 credit at Closing! Inquire for more details.
Amanda Sessa – SWBC Mortgage
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303-883-8858 – Mobile
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