Focused and Responsive

I approached Porchfront with a custom, new home design from a professional architect and they did a great job with construction. The initial budgeting process was open, transparent and fair. We used a very efficient online program for change orders as the building progressed. Mary Coonce was very helpful with picking out finishes, appliances, lighting etc. and worked well with a design consultant that I had selected. The Porchfront team also worked well with other outside contractors such as my landscape architect and pool construction team. Everyone at Porchfront was very helpful with solving the minor issues that typically occur during construction and shared my focus on quality.. I was very pleased with the finished product. After closing on the new house the process of resolving “punch list” issues was also done in a very efficient manner with attention to quality. The entire Porchfront team is very customer focused and very responsive to questions. The team’s expertise level is impressive. I would recommend them with the highest recommendation possible.

-Steve Shoemaker

Erie Village, Erie, CO

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